Proudly Serving the Pacific Northwestern Businesses Since 1999

With nearly 2 decades of experience, The CBB Group is a leader in both business brokerage and M&A advisory services in the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in serving businesses with revenue ranging from $1,000,000 to $15,000,000 we fill a needed gap in lower middle market M&A advisory not served by main street business brokers or up-market investment banking firms.

With intimate regional business knowledge and significant long standing relationships we know how to best serve our business community. Additionally, our team works with many other trusted advisors including Wealth Managers, CPA’s and Estate Attorneys ensuring that we can meet a diverse set of client needs..

Regardless of whether you are considering selling your business, planning to acquire a business or need help understanding your business’s’ worth we have a solution for you.

The CBB M&A Advisory Team


Bill Billingsley
Founder of the CBB Group, Inc.
Sr. Merger and Acquisition Advisor

Mr. Billingsley is the founder of The CBB Group. He brings nearly two decades of direct merger and acquisition experience to the group. He has served the lower middle market in all forms of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures making him an industry leader in the Pacific Northwest. His 17-years of retail management experience has given him a strong background in accounting, inventory control, production scheduling, purchasing, marketing and logistics.

Mr. Billingsley was a Senior Manager for Tom Peterson’s, Inc., and a prominent Portland retail chain store owner. In addition to his time at Tom Peterson’s, Inc., Mr. Billingsley owned his own multi-state retail operation for eight years. He is a graduate of Portland State University Business School.


Brent A. Freeman
Sr. Merger and Acquisition Advisor

As a Senior Investment Banker and Merger & Acquisition Advisor, Brent Freeman brings 30-years of Senior Management experience in the Financial Services industry to the CBB Group, Inc. Mr. Freeman has held Senior Management level positions at Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, ITT, GMAC and GE Capital. Having served on the acquisition teams for Bank of America, GMAC and having personally bought, built and sold several business, he lends his extensive personal and corporate expertise to the purchase and sale of middle market business.

He holds a Private Pilot’s license and he and his wife Mary, own and operate La Dolce Vita Vineyards, Inc..

Mr. Freeman holds a B.S. in Business from Arizona State University, Walter P. Carey School of Business.

Terry J. Atzen
Merger and Acquisition Advisor

Mr. Atzen has 40-plus years, of financial services industry experience. He is an author, entrepreneur, investment strategist as well as being a Wall Street firm manager. Mr. Atzen has most recently focused on raising capital for lower middle market companies in the Pacific Northwest and previously owned and managed his own investment firm in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of Iowa State University.

Tim Copp
Merger and Acquisition Advisor

Mr. Copp has over 15-years of experience in sales, service and managing privately held companies. Prior to joining The CBB Group, he was a Marketing Manager for a telecommunication company and is an expert in the communications industry.