Recent Closed Transactions

Erectors, Inc – 2018

The CBB Group is please to announce the sale of Erectors, Inc located in Portland Oregon.  This is a construction Company that specializes in erecting steel buildings.  The Owner had been in the [...]

Nicholas Senior Services, Inc. – 2018

The CBB Group is please to announce the sale of Nicholson Senior Services, Inc in Southern Oregon.  The Company  is in the in-home care industry that serves the needs of individuals who aren’t [...]

Howco Distributing Co., Inc. – 2016

The CBB Group is pleased to announce the sale of Howco Distributing of Vancouver WA to Drone USA of New York, New York.   Howco supplies spare and replacement parts to a wide variety of Federal [...]

Twila’s English Toffee

The CBB Group is pleased to announce the sale of Twila’s English Toffee.  This 24 year old company was located in McMinnville, Oregon and manufactures the finest had crafted, all natural premium [...]

Paradise Supply, Inc – 2017

The CBB Group is pleased to announce the sale of Paradise Supply, Inc.  The company is a retail garden supply store serving the greater Medford and Ashland Oregon markets.  The buyer was a [...]

Clear Sound Company’s – 2017

The CBB Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of Audiuvia, Inc., a Zounds Hearing Aid Franchise located in Lakewood, CA to Alex Potkin and Hearing Aid Consultants.  Mr. Plotkin operates a [...]

Mike Patterson Plumbing – August 2017

The CBB Group is pleased to announce the sale of Mike Patterson Plumbing.  The Company is a plumbing contractor that offers design-build, consulting and project management for new construction, [...]

LogoXing – June 2017

The CBB Group is pleased to announce the sale of LogoXing, Inc.   LogoXing has 1,000’s of high quality promotional products at affordable prices for business, organization, event, or youth sports [...]


  • "Having successfully completed the purchase of Miracle-Ear of Joplin I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent way you handled the transaction.  I’ve managed teh acquisition of a few other businesses in my professional life, but this was the the first time to buy a business with my own assets.  I can think of no finer agent with whom to work with. Although I was the Buyer, and your fiduciary responsibility was to the Seller, I believe your professionalism, responsiveness and the support you provided in all aspects of the transaction with the banks, franchiser, SBA and various other entities helped me mightily in the process.  Although at times I thought it would never happen, in hind sight , it is amazing to think that we meet in Joplin for the first time a scant 90-days prior to closing on the business!  Can you believe it?  90 Days!  Your contribution toward making this happen cannot go without recognition. I’m now working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Seller and over these past few weeks there have been no post-purchase surprises, no misunderstandings.  I am truly blessed to have stumbled onto you and the opportunity here at Miracle-Ear of Joplin.  Thank you for all you did.  I look forward to working with you again, should the opportunity present itself"

    Paul D.N. Hardin President / Owner
  • “I wanted to personally thank Bill Billingsley for working with me on the sale of my Miracle – Ear Franchise. I was always amazed at the quality of his work in preparing the offering memorandum, then in his diligent efforts in finding a great qualified buyer. From the time I signed the brokers engagement agreement to the time we actually closed was right at 6 Months, just as he had initially indicated. There were a lot of items to take care of and contact persons in putting the SBA loan thru, but Bill handled everything wonderfully and in a efficient professional manner. I am so glad that I chose Bill and his firm to accomplish my goal of going into retirement! Thanks Again!"

    Dennis Cory
  • We want to thank you for successfully ushering us through the sales process of our franchise in such a calm and professional manner.  Your advice during all stages of the process was a real Godsend!  We had originally decided to sell the business ourselves-not realizing how complex these situation could become.  After tempting that strategy for awhile, we came to our senses and engaged your firm.  We never regretted that decision.   We especially appreciated the offering book and the strategy of bring several offers to the table simultaneously.  That made all the difference.  We are able to receive a fair price for our business and negotiated with a firm yet friendly air. Bill’s ability to connect the people in the home office of Home Instead Senior Care was a vital aspect of the role he played throughout the endeavor.  He enhanced the communication process with all the involved parties and that helped immensely each step of the way.   Bill, we also valued your down to earth, natural way of doing things.  You acted like the eye in the middle of a hurricane!  At least that’s how it felt to us during the stressful time that you warned us about.  Thanks for flying into SF when it was important for you to be here-especially during the closing itself.  Your knowledge of all the forms and paperwork required was impressive.  We couldn’t have imagined a closing that calm and efficient. We heartily recommend you and your Company to anyone who wants to go through this process in the most effective way possible.

    Cathy and Joe Murphy Product Manager
  • "I worked with Bill Billingsley for the sale of my small massage business (12 Employees). I can not begin to tell you what a great experience we had working with Bill. Bill is extremely knowledgeable, hard working and very patient. Being my first business I have ever needed to sell, I had a lot of questions and was very unsure of the process.  He walked me through every step and always made me feel comfortable and confident in the process, all the way from the first meeting to the closing of the sale.  He was very prompt on returning phone calls and emails which I really appreciate it.  If we are ever needing to sell another business, we will certainly be calling Bill! I would highly recommend him!"

    Becca Hill Massage, LLC – Portland, OR
  • “My business partner, Nadine Huey, and I used the brokerage services of Bill Billingsley this year to sell the pharmacy we have owned since 1981. This last 12 months have seen the worst economic recession in the USA since the Great Depression of 1929. Somehow in this difficult financial environment Bill found qualified buyers for our retail pharmacy. In fact he found buyers uniquely qualified to work in our hospital clinic setting. Financing the sale and the freeze on credit made the transaction difficult, yet Bill helped us work out the financing so that both buyers and sellers are happy. Because of all the players involved in the sale of a pharmacy, the process took a long time. The buyers had to get a legal registration with not only the IRS and Oregon Corporation Board, but also with the federal DEA and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. Bill helped orchestrate this whole long process. When it seemed like we would never get it all done, his enthusiasm and perseverance kept us all going. We are indeed grateful to Bill for helping us do what we had not been able to do by ourselves. His guidance made our sale successful. I heartily recommend him to anyone who is considering selling a business.”

    Mary Jo Hubert Warr-King Pharmacy Portland, OR
  • “My wife and I received a letter one day at our business asking if we were interested in selling our business. We have received many of these types of letters over the years. This one was different, maybe it was the mood we were in, or maybe it was that the letter seemed more professional and had a weight of legitimacy to it. It claimed to have an interested buyer in our type of business, and gave information on how to check them and Piper Group out. We did, and decided to have a meeting with Bill Billingsley, thinking we may at least get an idea of what our business was worth. We hit it off with Bill from the start, he is very natural, down to earth, but very businesslike. At that point we decided to move forward, with Bill’s guidance, knowledge, and patience (with us), this all ended in a successful sale of our business that we had been running for the last 30 years. Selling your “baby” after so long is an emotional roller coaster and I do not think it would have happened with anyone less capable or trust worthy that Bill Billingsley. Everything has happened pretty much as Bill said it would at that first meeting, So thank you Bill and The CBB Group we appreciate all of your wonderful work throughout this entire time and will recommend you to anyone that is thinking of selling their business."

    Will & Penny Myers BadgePrint Co.
  • "My name is Rene C. Santos.  I am writing this letter to send my highest regard and recommendation for Bill Billingsley and the CBB Group.  I have had the pleasure of working with Bill both on the buy side and the sell side.  In both instances, he went well beyond the normal expectations of the normal client and consultant relationship.  Bill is truly an expert in the field of contracts and negotiations.  You can rest assured that Bill will cover all legal aspect of any agreements.  In addition, he is very personable, and will go out of his way to assist in client needs and make very sound recommendations.  Unlike other brokers, Bill is always willing to do the leg-work for normally reserved for his clients. I would welcome and, it would be my pleasure to talk to anyone concerning Bill Billingsley and the CBB Group."

    Rene C. Santos Former Owner of Premier Laser Clinic, Portland, OR
  • "Bill was instrumental in the success of selling our business of 31 years. He was dealing with two very strong personalities and with his calm, reassuring demeanor, he made this transaction happen. He was very knowledgeable and provided all the necessary documents. We were so grateful for all of the extra time and effort that Bill spent to bring the two business owners together and to have them finally agree on everything (which was no small feat). I am certain that without him, this sale would have never happened. We have already referred him and will continue to do so in the future."

    Henry Franklin President