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Portland RC Hobby's - May 2022


Dan is set to infuse fresh energy into Portland RC Hobby's, a renowned store cherished by enthusiasts of remote control vehicles, tractors, and off-road vehicles. Dan's commitment to maintaining and enhancing the excellent customer service that patrons have come to rely on will be a cornerstone of his leadership. He recognizes the importance of keeping the loyal customer base satisfied while also attracting new customers with innovative offerings and exceptional service.

Portland RC Hobby's primarily serves retail customers who have a passion for remote control hobbies. Understanding this niche market, Dan has devised a comprehensive plan to significantly expand the business's reach. He aims to open additional locations, making the store's high-quality products and expertise more accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, Dan plans to enhance the store’s online presence, developing a robust e-commerce platform to tap into the growing trend of online shopping. This dual strategy of physical and digital expansion is expected to substantially grow the business over the next few years.

James, a seasoned retail professional with over 20 years of experience, will be a key asset in managing this growth. He brings a wealth of knowledge in retail operations and a strong, capable team to support the expansion initiatives. Together, Dan and James form a dynamic leadership duo poised to take Portland RC Hobby's to new heights.

The transaction was expertly handled by Bill Billingsley, who has a track record of successfully negotiating business deals. Billingsley played a pivotal role in negotiating the purchase agreement, ensuring all details were meticulously addressed to benefit both parties. His expertise and guidance facilitated a smooth and efficient closing process, paving the way for this exciting new chapter for Portland RC Hobby's.

The CBB Group prides itself on delivering seamless transaction experiences for business owners and buyers alike. This successful sale is a testament to their dedication and expertise in the field of business brokerage and M&A advisory. Under Dan’s visionary leadership and with James’s experienced management, Portland RC Hobby's is set to embark on a path of significant growth and continued success.

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Portland RC Hobby's - May 2022

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