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Your business is likely your most valuable asset. It is our job to maximize the value of that asset in the marketplace. Working with businesses of all sizes, our team has a successful track record of selling businesses to all buyer types, including individuals and small strategics to large private equity buyers.

Are you:

  • Considering retirement?
  • Looking to focus on other business opportunities?
  • Looking to maximize the value of what you have built?

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry served, having access to expert advisors can be the difference between the success or failure of a deal. The CBB Group’s diverse skill set, long track record, and Managing Director lead process ensures that business owners get the most for their business sale with a high likelihood of success.

While each client’s business is unique, most engagements are built around a best in class process that includes the following:



Early expectations and strategy alignment is key to any business sale. We address company valuation, industry trends, document preparation and process orientation to ensure that all parties are fully aware of the company’s history, value drivers, strengths and weakness.

We believe strongly that it is essential for these facts to be presented professionally, accurately and in the best possible context in order to obtain the best possible price for your business.



The marketing of each business will depend upon the size and type of business and the number of potential buyers in our database, but often starts with the development of a professional Confidential Business Memorandum.

Our marketing reach is diverse and includes utilizing local print media in major cities, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, buyer relationships from other affiliate offices, plus our database of over 1,000 investment groups. We publicize engagements on various internet sites and direct mail to prospective buyers to generate as much activity as we possibly can. All marketing is executed in a discreet confidential manner.

We always ensure that your business name, location or other telling information is protected, allowing us to cast a wide net without exposing the business or your intent to sell.


Buyer Vetting + Negotiations

Creating buyer interest is one thing, finding the right buyer is another. We handle all buyer vetting, further insulating your company from the market and ensuring that we collectively pursue interest only from the financially qualified and best suited buyers.

With buyers identified, our team provides skilled, exclusive, personal representation at all stages of negotiation. We understand the sensitive issues of both buyer and seller and offer guidance in structuring a transaction to effectively address these issues. This ensures our clients have an advocate for highest value and best interests at all times and further limits client time commitment and exposure.


Diligence + Full Cycle Process Management

Nearly 50% of all middle market M&A transactions fail during the due diligence period. Choosing an advisor with a proven ability to successfully navigate due diligence can be the difference between closing your business sale quickly or not at all. Our process has been proven to minimize risk. The extensive time and effort to collect accurate data on the business pays dividends when good documentation has been presented, saving time and resources with due diligence. We bring all our resources together to ensure that the deal remains intact and that momentum is maintained. We coordinate all the principals and professionals involved and remain at your side throughout this crucial period until the transaction is successfully concluded.


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