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Ensuring our clients ‘buy right’ is our number one priority. While many firms can expose a buyer to acquisition opportunities, we consider ourselves more than simply ‘finders’. As a business owner or investor your responsibilities are far reaching. The CBB team provides the needed resources to source, assess and manage opportunities throughout the acquisition process, full cycle.

Business Owners Looking to Grow Through Acquisition

For current business owners, there are many benefits to growing your business through acquisitions, a move that can help you attain new competencies, cost savings, capacity, and an increased customer base.  Growth through acquisition can add immediate scale and profitability to your business.  Whether you're looking to integrate parts of your supply chain, expand to an adjacent market or add additional products or services growth through acquisition can be a legitimate alternative to organic growth.

At The CBB Group, we can assist with the process:

• Setting strategic goals and objectives
• Identifying targets
• Valuation
• Negotiations
• Due Diligence
• Closing
• Integration

With over 22 years of business sales and merger and acquisition experience, The CBB Group can design an acquisition plan that meets your strategic goals.

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Professional Investors and Private Equity Groups

Professional investors and private equity groups traditionally source opportunities from brokers and merger and acquisition firms that represent sellers.   In today's competitive environment a broker or merger and acquisition advisor that has a business that meets the criteria of this group of buyers will most likely never have to take the opportunity to market as they will have a “short list” of qualified buyers in their database.   The CBB Group has developed a process to source privately held businesses that are not on the market.  Contact us for more information on our buy-side search process.

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Individuals Looking to Buy & Manage an Existing Business

For individuals that are looking to buy and manage an existing business, the process can be overwhelming.  The old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know” really applies.  The CBB Group has developed a six-step Buyers Self Assessment Score Card that will help a buyer determine the size of the business that will meet their financial objectives.  Once the size and market segment has been identified then the search process starts.  Retaining the services of a qualified business broker or merger and acquisition advisor will help a buyer through the process:

• Identifying the acquisition target
• Valuation and cash flow analysis
• Letter of intent
• Due diligence
• SBA financing
• Closing

Contact us for more information regarding the Buyers Self Assessment Score Card.

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