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Farm & Garden Supply Store - Organic & Hydroponic


The opportunity is a retail organic and hydroponic farm supply company serving the fastest growing industry in the United States. The Company offers a wide range of products that include, liquid and dry nutrients, beneficial microbes, harvest supplies, growth promoters, premium potting soil, and general gardening supplies.

Growth Opportunity: The Owner has identified multiple growth opportunities.  These include a formal marketing and sales team and additional store locations In addition the owner believes that there is an opportunity to open additional stores that would benefit from the brand recognition and marketing that the owner has established over the last four years.  

Competitive Advantages: The Copany has earned and developed multiple competitive advantages that focus on their market niche, including their premium location, product line and outstanding customer support team. Each of these advantages contributes to the future growth and prosperity of the Company.

Financial History:  The Company has experienced tremendous growth fueled by the growth in legal marijuana industry in Oregon over the last 8 years.  A reduction in 2022 sales was due to the over-supply of marijuana in Oregon in 2021. The company has been able to increase its gross margins by altering its product mix in combination with it product quality, product depth, and sales support.  As a result, cash flow as a percentage of revenue is 19.51% and the gross margin is 30.61%.

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