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Portland IT – Security – Home Audio Installation and Service Company


BUSINESS ACTIVITY: The Company has developed three distinct profit centers for businesses and residential customers. The profit centers include an all-inclusive IT company that purchases computers, laptops, tablets, and other hardware components, configures the equipment, install networks, and has technicians that are deployed onsite as well as help desk or remote repairs, the second profit center is the installation and monitoring of security systems and final profit center is the installation of audio video systems including subcontracted wiring, networking, and equipment sales.  

The Company installs ultra-simplistic systems, so they are easy to service and easy to implement. The product lines are narrow and specifically chosen products that are easy to train techs on and troubleshoot via remote login.

HISTORY:  In 2007, the Owner quit his current employer and launch the business.  The Company’s business model was to be an all-inclusive technology service company with helpdesk support as well as in person support.

The Owners’ network of individuals exceeded sales goals in the first year.  Within two years he was hiring staff to keep up with the jobs.  The Company has been built on the initial wave of customers that the Owner had built relationships with.  

As the Company evolved, The Owner encountered scenarios where his technicians were sent to residential or business locations. In these instances, there was a convergence of our IT specialists, the customer's Audio-Video vendor, and a third-party security system installation company.

Unfortunately, the collaboration among these three vendors was often challenging, leading to finger-pointing when issues arose. The customer, meanwhile, simply sought the seamless functioning of their equipment. Because of the Owner background he knew that the foundation for all the equipment, IE: Smart TV’s Surround Sound Systems, to work was the networking of all the systems.  Networking is the backbone for all smart homes.  The Owner saw a massive opportunity to become an all-inclusive vendor for installing and monitoring all systems.  Company would become the first company to provide these services in Portland.

Today the Company is busier than ever and needs to hire additional technicians just to keep up with the organic growth. The Owner is proud of what he has built.  The foundation has been laid fora new owner to build upon.  With a strong industry outlook and a service industry that is recession proof, the Company is poised for strong growth.


FYE 2020 FYE 2021 FYE 2022 FYE 2023
REVENUES $1,547,852 $1,386,757 $1,290,033 $1,434,532
MARGIN 53.40% 37.82% 33.35% 33.88%
CASH FLOW $168,746 $139,760 $160,649 $158,060

MARKETING STRATEGY:  The Company does not have a marketing plan in place.  The Company has relied on their reputation, repeat business, word of mouth, and website to grow the sales.  The outlook in the industry is strong. A new Owner with more energy could increase the workforce and expand services to grow the business. 

FURNITURE, FIXTURES, VEHICLES & EQUIPMENT: Included in the purchase price are Vehicles, $20,000.00, Office and Shop of FFE, $1,100.  The FF&E has been re-casted to reflect an estimate to replace the assets with the same or similar assets in the used marketplace.

DAYSAND HOURS:  Monday through Friday hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

EMPLOYEES:  The Company employees an Office Manager, Production Manager, Project Manager, IT Technicians, and Installers in total seven full-time employees.

FACILITIES:  The business is in a multi-tenant business park with leased space totaling approximately 2,199 square feet.  The lease is for $3,981 per month with the lease expiring on November 30, 2025.

REASONFOR SALE:  The Owner has relocated out of state and does not want the responsibility and liability of managing from afar.    

Directions: Contact Bill Billingsley for more information at (503) 233-8600, Extension 1 or e-mail

No additional information will be released until the buyer has been pre-qualified by the Broker.


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